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                  SDI Camera


EX-SDI is a transmission technology for a super enhanced HD Video. It originated from HD-SDI, which ensures full HD-signal transmission over 300M(3C2V) without any video transmission loss.

The feature of EX-SDI is as follows.

          Extended Serial Digital Interface

          Visually Lossless Codec of 270Mbps or 135Mbps

          Low Latency without Frame Delay

          Backward Compatibility with 3G-SDI / HD-SDI


PSNR between original images and images with EX-SDI is 40dB, so the loss by compression is visually not noticeable.

Moreover,the transmission time delay due to compression is as short as 200us.

Existing transmission distance of SD-SDI can be secured by transmitting speeds of 270Mbps or 135Mbps.


 EX SDI Camera



 Transmission  HD-SDI  EX-SDI
 720@25/30fps  100-150M  300-500M
 1080P@25/30fps  100-150M  300-500M
 1080P@50/60fps  50-70M  250-450M [3G-SDI market expansion]
 Image Quality  Loss-less  Visually Loss- less
 Cost  High  Low
 Compatibility  Standard  Nonstandard but compatible with HD-SDI
 Expand-ability  Max. 1080P@60fps  3MP-8M [4K, UHD] Support


EX-SDI Advantage

EX-SDI Camera

          Keeps original image regardless of the distance 

          No interference between luminance and chrominance

          No loss in converting to analog (full digital system)

           Visually lossless : PSNR >40dB

EX-SDI factory



EX-SDI manufacturer


          Compatibility with other manufacturers without any calibration (Resolution, edge Enhancement, Color sense, Black level, etc)

          HD-Analog : Need precise tuning per cameras and DVRs within same system

EX-SDI Bullet Camera

EX-SDI Dome Camera

EX-SDI 1080P caEX-SDI 2Megapixel Camera

EX-SDI 2MP 1080P Camera


High Resolution : max. 4K UHD 30fps

Power over Coax

Video repeating to extend distance

Bi-directional communication

    - High quality audio

    - Every data commands

    - Motion, etc


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