New Arrival Starlight Cameras AHD and IP

The newly-unveiled Starlight Premium employs 2MP, 1/2.8 inch Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor for capturing excellent images. The all-round series has top-notch components, which guarantee a long service life, and provides outstanding quality video materials. The Starlight Premium utilizing Zbravo`s refined starlight premium technology, enhanced super WDR technology, and leading-edge H.265 compression, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations to obtain crystal-clear images in challenging lighting conditions. 

Refined Starlight Premium Technology (0.002Lux)
Incorporating state of the art Ultra Low-light technology, Starlight Premium boasts to provide unsurpassed level of detailed images in minimal light conditions reaching 0.002Lux(Color) or 0.001Lux(B/W) that human eyes cannot identify and object without any supplementary lighting. Therefore, the series is able to be used in a wide range of demanding CCTV installations, such as government buildings, jails, underground tunnels, subway stations, hotels, banks etc. 

Enhanced Super WDR Technology (140dB)
Together with 140dB super Wide Dynamic Range technology, which is far more enhancement than the conventional 120dB WDR, the series is capable of capturing both dark and bright areas of an image, combining the differences to create a highly realistic representation of the original scene. 

The Starlight Premium is the latest member of the growing family. With a continued commitment to meet a range of surveillance and technology needs, the all-round Starlight Premium is ideal for customers seeking products with powerful performance and future-proof technology. The development of this unique camera series certainly represents a new frontier in a saturated market of cameras and stands out. As users of the new arrival will discover, the Starlight Premium is destined to become the driving force of new business.

starlight camera

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